Peter Dent
      playing pianoIn my lengthy recording career, some projects did not come together as hoped. In the year 2000, I tried to get a live recording of “A Jazz Mass” a work that I wrote in 1993. The performance was at St. David’s United Church, Calgary and used two professional soloists, a workshop choir from the Calgary area and 3 local sidemen. I directed the piece from the piano. After 3 days of rehearsals, the results were most disappointing and even with extensive editing, the live recording was a failure and could not be commercially released.

 Recently, I listened to the recording of the rehearsal and discovered it was far superior to the performance. So I post it as an incentive to some who might wish to perform it. I would like to encourage more performances of the work. (There have been 6 six of which I am aware.) The text was adapted based on the format in the Anglican Book of Alternative Service. Choir members, conductors, or musicians interested in performing the work should contact me for score and performance information. Enjoy the recording.

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Agnus Dei

Peter Dent - Composer

Aug 13/19